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I've just released a feature-length documentary about The Funhouse called "Razing The Bar" which premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival.

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I can edit you into an episode of MacGyver, if you want. Sky's the limit, so ask me!

I am the curator of the Museum of Ordinary Things.


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About Me

Most of my experience is in motion graphics, however I studied film and video at Rhode Island School of Design, and I love shooting and editing live action video. My videos have screened at the Antimatter Film Festival in Victoria, B.C., Live Eye TV, the Lo-Fi Gallery and 911 Media Arts in Seattle. I also actively produce fine art installations and painings, which have been featured in the Center on Contemporary Art's Northwest Annual and the Pacific Coast edition of New American Paintings. I spend the majority of my free time collecting and digging through newspaper and film archives, making robot costumes, and documenting local music shows.

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